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Unleashed Outdoor Education & Wildlife Conservation Inc. On NEWSMAX with Carl Higbie!!

Larysa Switlyk of Larysa Unleashed and owner of Unleashed Global Adventures had the opportunity to speak LIVE with Carl Higbie on this 5 pm show "Frontline" and Jeff Sturgies of Whitetail Habitat Solutions about hunting and the end of Deer Season.

Switlyk spoke about our Hunting Heritage and how we need to focus on getting more youth involved in the outdoors because they are the ones who will keep the fight going for wildlife conservation. That is part of her mission of her new Non-Profit - Unleashed Outdoor Education & Wildlife Conservation Inc. .

There is a lot of misinformation out there and we as hunters need to get the right message across and education others, especially our youth!

Carl also asked what her message was about deer season ending and looking forward. Well if you are sad whitetail deer season is ending, then contact Unleashed Global Adventures and we will find you a hunt that has open season! We keep up to date on all the different hunting locations and hunting seasons so you can wipe away your tears and still enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends!

Book your next trip with UGA - Contact us Today!

Looking to get more involved? Unleashed Outdoor Education & Wildlife Conservation Inc. is always looking for volunteers! Contact us to find out way to get involved and help our mission!


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